No Snow at the Peak

The snow has melted but our backup antenna has broken (circled in blue), most likely cause is falling ice from the tower

20200127_081644_ch4 image0

Conditions on the peak

Just some pictures of the conditions on the hill. The picture with blue circles is our back up repeater antenna (right circle on tower) and APRS digipeater (left circle on roof). Just a idea of how much of a ice load is on them the antennas are about 1 1/2” at the base were it mounts to the pole, the pole is 2 1/2” OD so there is a bit of ice build up on them.

20200116_081639_ch4 20200116_081746_ch4 20200116_081841_ch4 20200116_081913_ch4 Inked20200116_081746_ch4_LI

Annual Meeting 2020

2020 Annual Meeting

2020 Flea Market

Make plans on attending the 2020 Flea Market in Puyallup on March 7th.


Annual Meeting 2020

The K7CPR annual meeting is scheduled for February 29th 2020. The meeting will start at 1:00PM at the South Bay Fire station. It is the same place as held the last few years. Lots of new and interesting information will be passed on to all in attendance. If you notice this date is one week before the annual Puyallup swap meet. If you wish to donate please bring your good used items to this meeting or contact a board member. Please listen to the repeater for any updates and also please check into the weekly information net on Sunday evenings at 8:00PM.

Informational net

The Sunday night informational net will be starting back up on November 3, 2019. Net time is 8:00 P.M. on the repeater frequency of 145.47 mhz, PL tone is 100 hertz. Come and join in. Find out what is happening currently and what will be happening for the future.  See you all there!

Contact etiquette on a repeater.

Here is a link to a short video on how to make a contact on a repeater.

More Baofeng

This video explains more of the baofeng radio legality:

Baofeng radio’s

If you have or are thinking about a Baofeng radio you might want to check out this link: