It works!

The repeater is back up and running thanks to KC7VCG and KD7AVI who made the trip to the hill. They spent the day doing the initial programming and configuring to make it work again. There may be a real problem with the controller. Link-Comm is going to get a call on Monday about some of the problems encountered today. Hopefully after talking with them we can get the rest of the bugs worked out. Tune into the Sunday night informational net at 8:00 pm and get more of the story.

Thursday’s report



Just talked to the doctor…..sounds like our repeater is alive and well. Seems the trouble had to do with the output pl tone. It is now filtered out and it is working just fine on the bench. So with high hopes it will be installed and up and running soon!

Repeater trip – Wednesday Dec 10, 2014

Wednesday didn’t fair too well either. Spent time making a few changes but decided it was best to take to repeater and controller to the doctor to see what really is wrong…..found out that the power supply had a horrific hum/noise which was causing the audio to distort really bad plus the receiver may be sick. The diagnosis of the receiver will be made today and a decision will be made by the weekend hopefully!

Repeater trip- Tuesday 12-9-2014


Logo.jpgWell the trip Tuesday didn’t go so well…….Audio was crappy so tried making some adjustments and moving jumpers and in doing so popped a fuse in the controller and wouldn’t you know it it was one we didn’t have, so down the hill and will try again on Wednesday. This time there will be plenty of fuses of the right value as spares!

Repeater news – Monday 12-8-2014

The repeater is not operational at this time. Our controller for the repeater took a dump, actually a mouse did us in, and is going to be replaced shortly. Hopefully with in the next few days the repeater will be back up and running. It may not have all of the bells and whistles at first but will be operational. As time permits it will have the bells and whistles added.