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Saturday 9/24 Hill trip

Well yesterday’s trip was kinda a bust.  Went up the hill with the intention of installing the cabinet fans but changed that to finishing the control receiver installation.  Ed made the trip up also and helped make the power cable for the receiver.  So after getting it all hooked up and the old one removed from its temporary spot we powered the new one up.  It immediately started flashing a “alarm” light that something was wrong with the receiver.  Noticed the COR light on the controller was on so figured the was configured incorrectly.  Grabbed the laptop and started looking for the Motorola programming cable but couldn’t find it, left it out of the laptop bag when I got a new one that holds both laptops a while ago. So I ended up reconnecting the temporary control receiver and calling it a day.  Chalk it up to a educational trip, can’t win them all.

We did make some new friends while we were up there though.  A gentleman came in the building while we were working and asked if we had some spare hardline jumpers.  Ironically David had donated two large storage totes of hardline jumpers.  Turns out he was with the 440 dmr repeater that is in the building next door in the same cabinet as Brett and Brian’s 440 repeater and hamwan.  So got to see how there system works and they really encouraged me to get a dmr radio and try it out.  They also complimented us on our repeater and its coverage sense they lived up by Seattle and have no problem getting into the repeater.

Looking to try and go up the hill next Saturday if things go good this week getting prepared for the new job.


Jeremy  KC7VCG

The repeater informational net

Beginning Sunday October 2nd the repeater informational net will once again become active. Please check in. The more the merrier! The net will begin at 8:00 PM on the repeater frequency 145.47 mhz negative offset, 100 hz tone. See you on the 2nd!

New address for the Repeater group

Repeater address now is:

Capitol Peak Repeater
P.O. Box 2755
Olympia, WA 98507

More work to the repeater

We got the ground buss mounted on the cable track, Polyphasers mounted to that, only 2 feed lines have been hooked up to the set up so far as we ran out of time.  It is to a point that there is a list of things I can button up on my own without David’s assistance so I’ll be making trips up in the coming weeks.  David brought one of his fancy antenna feedline analyzers so we checked the north and south antennas.  North is perfect with a 1.2 swr through the amateur band.  The south has issues and will not be used until we find the problem, thinking it has water in a connection or something but will take tower work to trouble shoot.  We are planning on doing that in September so weather conditions are more favorable.  David’s test equipment took screen shots of the two results so when David can get them on a computer and email them to me I’ll share them with everyone. Two pictures have been added to the 2016 upgrade page.