Ongoing programming

Not much has been happening with the repeater lately. Programming is a works in progress. Hope to conclude that soon. The codes will be released as soon as the programming is done and new manuals will be printed for our members. If you need to be able to access the repeater before then, contact Jeremy KC7VCG to get the code you need.

Mike & Key Electronics show & Fleamarket

Mike & Key 2015

Mark this on your calendar. We will be having two tables at this event and are looking for some donations. If you have something please contact one of the board members! Thank you in advance……

Mike & Key 2015

2015 Annual Meeting


Annual meeting 2015

Latest info

Because of the holidays our questions to the tech’s at Link-Comm have remained unanswered. Hopefully once the the holidays are over the tech’s will be able to fix the new controller without too much trouble. The programming is still a works in progress. For those of you that have the old user codes, please don’t try to use them as they are no longer any good. Once the programming is done the members of the repeater will get a mailout of the new codes.


Thanks and have a very Happy New Year!

Saturday’s update

From Jeremy today:

Doesn’t seem to look that much different but all the 10m remote stuff is gone!
Did what RLC wanted me to try and it didn’t change anything on port1. Interesting thing is that I plugged the cable that comes from the RLC-3 controller into port1 and it works fine. Not sure why that is but might give there tech something else to go on.
Also got the dvr-dongle installed and working but might need some more adjustments, control radio is working, antenna switches are working, aprs digipeater switch is working, removed 10m remote and removed the old dvr.
Next trip will possibly be next sat to make more adjustments and tests if RLC has any more they want done and start hooking up and testing the inputs (temp sensors, door alarms) and the weather radio.
Jeremy Prine KC7VCG                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Board Member of the Capital Peak Repeater Group