More work to the repeater

We got the ground buss mounted on the cable track, Polyphasers mounted to that, only 2 feed lines have been hooked up to the set up so far as we ran out of time.  It is to a point that there is a list of things I can button up on my own without David’s assistance so I’ll be making trips up in the coming weeks.  David brought one of his fancy antenna feedline analyzers so we checked the north and south antennas.  North is perfect with a 1.2 swr through the amateur band.  The south has issues and will not be used until we find the problem, thinking it has water in a connection or something but will take tower work to trouble shoot.  We are planning on doing that in September so weather conditions are more favorable.  David’s test equipment took screen shots of the two results so when David can get them on a computer and email them to me I’ll share them with everyone. Two pictures have been added to the 2016 upgrade page.

August 5 trip

Made a short trip up the hill.  Installed temporarily the old control receiver. Every thing seams to work on it so we now have more control if needed. See picture upgrades for current pictures.

July 16, 2016 work


From Jeremy KC7VCG:
I went up the hill again today. Got the autopatch moved and working, terminal strips mounted, temp sensors hooked up, and the weather radio temporarily hooked up. The weather radio is temporarily hooked up until David and I both get back up the hill to mount and wire the control receiver. I thought it was important to have the weather radio working for weather alerts and amber alerts. Haven’t started labeling everything yet, figured I’ll wait till everything is installed sense things might get changed as we go. All in all I think it was a successful day on the hill. To see the pictures go to the above menu bar and click on repeater upgrade in pictures.


Saturday’s progress


Here’s Saturday’s progress.  Got the intertie controller, link radios, there filter systems, power to them, and feed lines connected.  All seems to work but not passing dtmf tones to tiger mt. or Portland.  Pretty sure that it’s a audio level adjustment that’s needed but at least the north-south trunk is back operational.  Still need to hook the control receiver, aprs digipeater, temp sensors, etc up.  The main repeater is fully operational again so if you experience problems please let me know so I can troubleshoot it.  We still have a lot of odds and ends and also going to test-tune all filter systems to finish in the coming weeks. To see pictures go to the above menu bar and click on repeater upgrade in pictures.


Temporary backup

temporary backup

Here is what the temporary backup repeater looks like. This was used initially during the first stages of the remodel. To see this go to the above menu bar and click on repeater upgrade in pictures