About the repeater

Welcome to the 145.47 repeater. The repeater is located on Capitol Peak at 2700 feet, southwest of Olympia, WA. The repeater is operated by the Capitol Peak Repeater Group, a non-profit , tax deductible corporation. The Capitol Peak Repeater is a tax deductible organization under 501(c)(3) of the IRS tax code. The repeater call is K7CPR.

The Capitol Peak Repeater Group is a non-affiliated organization. It is operated by a corporation of Western Washington amateurs and is maintained without affiliation to any club, organization or individual. It was placed into operation as a public service, to serve the community and you the amateur. It depends on donations to stay in service.

The repeater corporation is governed by a board of directors consisting of 5 to 7 hams. The board meets once a year in December. However most repeater business is conducted by email. Officers of the board consist of a President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer.

The repeater covers the Washington coast from Moclips to the Columbia River; I-5 south to Longview; north to Seattle and west to the Cascades. Using a 25 watt mobile with a 5/8 wave antenna, you will find very few “dead spots” within this area. At the present time, the 145.47 repeater is intertied to the Evergreen Intertie network. The south link is installed through to Salem, Oregon and the east link covers Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and east to Central Montana. To operate as a public service, to serve the community and you the amateur. It depends on donations to stay in service.  If you would like to become a member please print and fill out our brochure and send it to Jeremy AG7WT with a check.

The 145.47 repeater is a Kenwood TKR-750. The backup repeater is a fully independent repeater, also a Kenwood TKR-750 that can be put into service remotely. The repeater is controlled by a Link Communications RLC-Club microprocessor controller. Power output is approximately 50 watts to an isolator and cavity duplexer to a commercial gain antenna. An autopatch serving Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Mason and Pacific Counties areas is incorporated within the repeater. The 47 controller is also interfaced to the Evergreen Intertie controller.

The intertie system consists of three separate 440 repeaters. One repeater for the north intertie, one for the south and one for the west. These were constructed from commercial radiotelephone equipment and operate at about 10 watts. The link repeaters use helical resonators and isolators through a duplexer and filter to three ray dome covered, silver plated log periodic antennas. One pointed to Tiger Mountain, one pointed to Kalama and one pointed to Ocean Shores. All four repeaters are interfaced and controlled by a complex microprocessor controller. The repeater is housed in the DNR building. The antennas are on the DNR tower at the 80 foot level.

The entire system consists of 5 transmitters, 6 receivers, 2 microprocessor controllers, 4 duplexers, isolators, cavities, antennas, transfer circuits, sensor circuits and a phone system.

The repeater controller features voice response to commands, time and data readout, inside and outside temperature readout, power supply voltage readout, message readouts, tone pad test, interrogate functions and control functions. The codes and their use are available upon joining the CAPITOL PEAK REPEATER GROUP.

Dues for membership to the CAPITOL PEAK REPEATER GROUP are $25.00 per year for individual, $40.00 for family ( immediate family-same household ) and $10.00 for youth ( 18 or under ). A lifetime membership is also available for those over 60 years of age. Contact AG7WT or a board member for details. Those who are members to the Capitol Peak Repeater will be placed on a mailing list and will receive all link codes plus all updated information on the repeater and intertie as it becomes available. You must maintain your yearly dues to stay active on the membership list. If you become inactive then you must defrain from using any codes or privlidges, pertaining to the Capitol Peak Repeater only, offered to you until such time that your membership is reinstated.