The importance of this repeater-Capital Peak repeater saves a stuck HAM

I am a HAM that has been into Capitol Forest many times. I’ve been on the dirt back roads in dry, muddy, and snowy conditions. Yesterday’s adventure was no different. I started into the forest on a beautiful late afternoon. I like to go up in elevation so I can operate on HF with minimal power and use the height as the advantage. I decided to go up to a favorite spot I know of near the repeater site. The road was completely dry, and then I saw some small patches of snow. I rounded a corner and the snow became very deep. By the time I made the decision to stop I was in it. I started to back down only to find I was being pushed towards ditch. By the time I went forward to correct I was stuck.

Upon realizing my predicament, I grabbed the HT and called out on the repeater. Luckily it was shortly before a net, so there were plenty of ears listening. Hearing my issue, Duke,KK7EGK and Josh,WA7AW contacted me and soon they formulated a plan. In under 2 hours they had arrived with tools to help get my vehicle freed.  

Now would I have got this response from anywhere else on a late Sunday afternoon? Probably not.

Thank you to everyone on the Capital Peak repeater that assisted with ideas, input, and general uplifting chat. As mentioned I have been into Capitol Forest many times to operate for Parks On The Air (POTA). Although I hold the top spot for this location, It wouldn’t be possible without the fellow HAMs that know the peak roads even better than me. We all make mistakes, and my lesson has been learned.

Thank you Capital Peak Repeater Group!

73 Eric Mallek – K7EVM