Interference problem

Here is an email from Jeremy AG7WT as to what he found on a trip to the peak this morning 4/10/21.

Here is what I found wrong with the north link antenna today.  This is the second time this has happened in the last couple years along with the backup repeater antenna.  They are both mounted on the same pole on the ice bridge.  Now that it has happened twice I think that’s enough to warrant moving them.  We will have to repare the north link antenna and buy the other antenna but do have the feed line and connectors to do the rest.  I will have to look at where we can put them on the tower and make a list of necessary hardware we will need to mount them, shouldn’t be much. 

On a side note Shane Whistler of Whistler communications was up there with his crew working on the lemay-pacific disposal radio system that is located in the same room as us.  They had feedline damage.  So that might be the interference we have been or at least contributing to it.