Repeater Update 9/16/2017

Hello all,

Just a update on this weekends antenna projects.  Although there was a couple hang ups on u-bolt sizes for the mounts of the antennas we were able to improvise and get things done.  We got two new antennas on the tower, one at 80′ and another at 20′.  The 80′ is now our main repeater antenna and the 20′ it the APRS Digipeater-control receiver antenna. We also removed the old main “North” antenna and the old feed line to old North and south antennas.

So a recap, there is a “main” antenna at 80′ that the repeater uses normally.  A antenna at 40′ that we can remotely switch to if needed and our just to see the difference in coverage because of elevation. Also we still have the backup repeater that is still a completely independent system with its own antenna at about 15′ off the ground.

We also removed the old EchoLink link antenna off the tower to be “reconditioned”.  Once that is done we will use that one to systematically remove and recondition the north and south link antennas for the Evergreen intertie.  As we do that we will also be relocating the antennas to kinda group all of our antennas together and also replace the feedline going to them.

All this work will help the repeater group in the future keep thing going at top notch performance easier hopefully.

We have already in around the first 24 hours of the 80′ antenna being in service gotten contacts with stations that have already noticed a improvement in signal.  The main thing we have noticed is that we have better coverage within about a 20 mile radius in know “shadow” spots.  A example is the Mud Bay Area on 101 and farther out towards Shelton in the lower dips of the terrain on that highway.  We haven’t had any long distance stations in King county or to the south yet but hopefully we will also be surprised with that too.

I would like to thank personally and for the repeater group all that was able to come up the hill Saturday and Sunday and help with this project.  Everyone contributed and made this major project go pretty smoothly and get many man hours done in a short amount of time!


Jeremy Prine